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[Icelandic] = water

In this film, water, or vatn, contemplates its nature within the ecosystem of Iceland. Water is the protagonist, a powerful voice to be reckoned with, while also aware of its role in the environment.

Today, a few powerful corporations have created industry which, for the first time, significantly threaten the manner in which water has always spoken, and flowed through Iceland. If this continues, the earth will lose the pure sound of wisdom from this ancient source.

Will we preserve this environment?


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Directed by: Enrique Pacheco
Script: Alda Ólafsson
Narrator: Kristinn R. Ólafsson
Motion Graphics: Basti Jaensch
Sound mix: Niko Yuste
Intro Text: Barbro Rakos
Subtitles: Cristina Pedrero - Laura Lemberg

Music: The American Dollar
"The Slow Wait (Part One)" and "The Slow Wait (Part Two)
Download a free compilation of 9 of their best tracks here:

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