Authors: Dance Lab Collective
Perforations Festival 2011

Which is more important: experience or knowledge? Is it necessary to see a piece, even a dance piece, or is it possible to learn everything about it indirectly? Is personal reconstruction worth more, even when put together from different sources of collected parts, than the single act of presence at a specific performance? These and similar questions are raised in this group work by concept from Petra Hrašćanec Herceg, called is_land. It is a site-specific piece in which the choreography is only the beginning, as the traces and reflections of this one-time performance become the piece with all of her multimedia modifications. The choreographer was inspired by the uniqueness of the small island of Taljurić, a flat, round slab, small in diameter and without any vegetation, on the the edge of the Kornati archipelago. The uniqueness of this architecture without an architect, and its lonely position, makes its exploitation impossible, and therefore, in this piece, the ambient performed choreography is transferred by image and sound into the gallery or theatre context. Once re-assembled, the traces of choreography make her performance once again possible. These traces contribute to different artistic personalities, and this confirms that no man is an is_land.

Previously a production platform, rather than a dance ensemble, dance-lab collective has been present on the Croatian contemporary dance scene for over ten years. Petra Hrašćanec Herceg is a member of the Zagreb Studio for Contemporary Dance, and has worked as a choreographer in the last few seasons with projects that give dance other dimensions. is_land is such a project, achieved with the help of a whole team of collaborators, including prominent local and international drama, film, music and visual artists: Saša Božić, Zdravka Ivandija, Danko Stjepanović, Nenad Sinkauz, Josip Visković, Bruno Pocheron.

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