Artist: Martina Nevistić (O.N.E.)
Perforations Festival 2011

Nature has always been an inspiration. Unfortunately, more often when dead, as ‘still life’. Instead of flowers in a vase, or a dead fish in newspaper, the performance Evolution Revolution takes nature as a living substance, and deals not only with it, but also with the human relationship to/with it. The ecological theme of this piece assumes that the viewer is conscious of and willing to see what significant effects human action or inaction can have on nature. Along with the common questions about the relationship between man and the environment, this work deals with man himself, and his aspirations, because the relationship to nature often very accurately reflects the relationship of man to people. It is said that the person who doesn’t like dogs does not like people. What about amoebas? Martina Nevistić perhaps wants to show that, in evolutionary terms, those without environmental consciousness are amoebas.

Martina Nevistić is a dancer and choreographer, and a member of the Zagreb Dance ensemble. In recent years she has appeared in auteur projects away from the dance world, but always in some way connected to it. In frequent collaboration with the performer and artist Iva Korenčić, she produces works on the borders of their ‘primary’ disciplines.

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