The video ''Lights of a Day''(1min48sec) could be categorized as a Video Haiku. It consists of 17 images of symbols and signs--equivalent to the use of 17 syllables in the Japanese poetry form Haiku. It could be interpreted as one day diary ''written'' in images on a screen.
It could be also categorized as video painting poetry. Therefore, painting(oil on canvas), poetry(haiku) and video play roles of equal importance in this piece.
Medium: my paintings(oil on canvas) from the series ''The Storage of the 21st Century Signs'',
photography,computer art,video.
The video was made for and exhibited at Lightworks 2011 (curators: Chris Lillywhite and Patrick Holley), one-night annual international juried festival of film,sound and new media,Grimsby,North East Lincolnshire,UK.
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