This was made for a class assignment. We were given a mystery food and were told to look at it and try to identify it, smell it and try to guess what it tasted like then finally taste it. My food was numbered "13." The assignment was to come up with a short film that expresses our tasting experience.

I went through so much brainstorming and random ideas before I came to this interrogation idea. My food was a dry, brittle kind of yellow and green curry looking flakes all attached to each other. When I examined it and smelled it I thought it would maybe taste grainy, a little salty, perhaps a bit spicy. I imagined it might have that "addictive" feel to it like many finger foods do too. (Once you eat a little you end up finishing half the bag in one sitting type of thing) A classmate also mentioned the food looked like marijuana so I suppose all of that eventually led me to this sort of harsh, juvenile type of theme.

My tasting experience with the food was that it was bland, bland then BOOM for a second there's a strong taste of flavored saltiness then it dies down. It kind of shocks you a tiny bit then you want more.

So what I eventually wanted this short film to do was take you through a similar yet totally different experience from how I examined the food then tasted it. For example, we all have probably seen interrogation videos from maybe real life or crime television shows or movies. So for me, I knew I had an idea of what the food tasted like but I also knew I haven't tasted that exact food before. So I wanted people to feel like they knew what this whole interrogation was about and what to expect then BAM at the end, catch them off guard.

The female character in this film also did a play on words about sight and smell and if the interviewer was sure about what he was saying. Also, I tried to translate the addictiveness of the piece of food through the girl being very eager to do another take.

What do you think? :)

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