Starting on February 19, 2012 Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey will begin releasing a special series of A & B sides. These lo-fi unmastered tracks capture a raw, distilled, and reconstructed version of The Race Riot Suite material.

The A Side will be a short & condensed solo piano version of a song from The Race Riot Suite as interpreted by Brian Haas. The B Side will have a remixed version of the A Side as produced by The Race Riot Suite producer, Costa Stasinopoulos.

This video previews the first A/B Side release, Cover Up, available Feb. 19, 2012 via JFJO.COM and

Cover Up will be available to stream via SoundCloud, as well as available as mp3 download in exchange for your email address. All other A/B side releases will be available for purchase direct from JFJO.COM for .99 cents for the A/B pair or $4.99 for all 14 tracks.

Learn more at WWW.JFJO.COM

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