In intimate interviews, great Science Fiction writers look back at a Golden Age - the times of editor John W. Campbell. Paying 3¢ a word, he controlled a stable of outstanding writers who painted the picture we still see when we imagine the future.

Despite that Campbell’s 80 year old vision still shapes our media and expectations of what’s yet to come, the man himself is hard to pin down. Racist or provocateur, technocrat or fascist? Examining a life largely lived in one small office, Campbell must be viewed through the words he dispensed and commissioned. Sorting through recollections and opinions leave narrow conclusions hard to draw.

Within the larger film, we include a rare short, James Gunn’s 1971, “Lunch with John Campbell.” This reveals the man himself (or does it?), gives us a chance to critique the filmmaking process and opens up questions on the nature of biography and documentary itself.

Finally, this is your chance to really meet great writers. To join them in their homes, sit across the desk from them. These are not talking heads but world-class storytellers, giant personalities, eyewitnesses, all speaking for themselves about what they know best: the art of writing, the craft of writing, the business of writing.

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