A short documentary about a tragic death and the need for further parliamentary debate about assisted dying.
Lyhytdokumentti traagisesta kuolemasta ja tarpeesta parlamentaariselle keskustelulle avustetusta kuolemasta.

World Premiere at British Film Institute's BFI Future Film Festival 2012 in London. Winner of the Future Film "Best Documentary" Award.
Maailman ensi-ilta Britannian Filmi Instituutin BFI Future Film Festival 2012 Lontoossa. Future Film "paras dokumentti" -palkinnon voittaja.

Nominated for "Best Documentary" Award at Van d'Or Independent Film Awards 2012 (Powered by Ford), UK

Official Selection of International Short Film Festival Detmold 2012, Germany
Official Selection of The Birdies Film Festival 2012, UK
Official Selection of Isle of Wight Film Festival 2012, UK
Official Selection of Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2012, UK
Official Selection of 8th Renderyard Short Film Festival 2012, Spain - International Competition
Official Selection of 29th Helsinki Short Film Festival 2012, Finland - National Competition
Official Selection of Barbican Centre's Framed Film Festival 2012, UK
Official Selection of 10th London Short Film Festival 2013, UK
Official Selection of 6th British Shorts Film Festival 2013, Germany
Official Selection of UK Film Festival 2013, UK - International Competition
Official Selection of Clip Short Film Festival 2014, Finland
Kelaamo Screening at 44th Tampere International Film Festival 2014, Finland
Official Selection of 10th Screentest Film Festival 2014, UK
Official Selection of 32nd Global Visions Film Festival 2014, Canada
Official Selection of 27th Helsinki International Film Festival - Love & Anarchy 2014, Finland

"A short documentary showing both sides on the debate about assisted dying. This bold piece opens the eyes and minds of those who watch it; sparking the beginning of much needed discussions." - Barbican Centre

"A candid and highly emotional interview ... Cinematic nature of the filming, and the sensitivity with which the subject matter was handled ensured that it was not an entirely depressing story. In my opinion, it was a beautiful presentation of the personal reasons for assisted suicide." - farfromthesilverscreen.wordpress.com

"The filmmakers used a novel approach to tell their story and interviewed people who had been affected and who had had to make some of these difficult choices. The maturity and compassion that the two filmmakers showed produced a documentary that is simply unmissable." - thenewcurrent.jux.com

"Lasting Rights sketches out the complex moral landscape surrounding assisted dying with respectful, studied reserve, and enhances carefully juxtaposed interviews with gorgeous nature photography." - iwcp.co.uk

"A notably good soundtrack." - onthewight.com

"Lasting Rights by Jon Gordon & Niko Alajoki, who were pleased to overcome the difficulty the film’s delicate subject matter, assisted suicide, posed with superb cinematography, visual direction and a balanced account of their issue." - rhythmcircus.co.uk

"Lyhytelokuva pystyy pituudestaan huolimatta tai juuri sen tähden ... käsittelemään kouriintuntuvasti ja tuoreella tavalla vaikeita asioita kuten ... eutanasiaa (Lasting Rights, 2012 Niko Alajoki ja Jon Gordon)." - filmgoer.fi

Directors: Jon Gordon & Niko Alajoki
Directors of Photography: Niko Alajoki & Jon Gordon
Editors: Jon Gordon & Niko Alajoki
Producers: Niko Alajoki & Jon Gordon
Sound Designer: Jon Gordon
Camera Operator: Niko Alajoki
Music: Kate Farquharson
Performance: Victoria Ella Hall
Very Special Thanks: Rhea Williams, Jo Cartwright, Mylinh Cao & Mark Chapman

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