Ex Post Somnio is a short film about a woman who daydreams in line at the bank... or the post office, I'm not entirely certain. Who is she? What happened to her envelope? And why do those three guys want it so badly? The plot moves forward briskly, with every scene building from the last, but the overall story plays out seemingly at random, mimicking the natural forward momentum of dreams.

And just as in your dreams, it's real while it's happening, and the emotional consequences are genuine.

The film's silent protagonist speaks via a multi-talented ensemble cast, playing characters who may or may not be secret mad scientists, bumbling thieves, and lonely ballad singers.

Expect hostage situations, musical numbers, and dramatic arguments about boxes and what's inside them... all leading to a surprising climax that is sure to provoke discussion.

A character study as silly and imaginary as it is emotionally honest and completely authentic, Ex Post Somnio has everything you'd expect from an utterly lucid film.


a short film by Mark LaCroix
cinematography by Chris Hadland
original music by Jason Pape

Amanda Whisner
Erik Hoover
John Cromwell
Nathan Christopher
Joe Chvala
Kimberly Ross
Mike Rylander
Kari Jo Skogquist
Benjamin Terry
Nathan Tylutki
Natalie Rae Wass
Lauren J Wertz
Clarence Wethern

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