MUSIC from INNER EARTH coming from secret cave in Tibet, recorded by Russian team. This mysterious Celestial Music has started to sound very recently. This is a very secret cave where Monks go meditate since centuries, but there was never any music coming from it before. This Music is part of the intense Dimensional transmutation work going on between the Soul of the Planet, the Armada of the Galactic Fed of Light & the INNER EARTH kingdom of Agartha. New high power SOUND frequency technology is generating this Music & healing Earth while the transmutation of the negative energies are modulating themselves into Light.

Sound vibration technology is at the heart of the transmutation process that is going on with Earth with the sound consciousness energy participation from the Agartians & Gal Fed. I believe it is important that we awake to the innate Power of Sound & Music in the spiritual Ascension Process.

To my best understanding this is the ''consciousness sound celestial energy'' that is being beamed in great magnitude by giant starships of the Gal Fed of Light into the openings of Inner Earth to raise & heal the vibration of Earth to prepare her for the spiritual Ascension process of 2012. It coincide with this operation that have been announce by the Gal Fed. Sound Consciousness Energy is among the greatest secret powers of the Universe, it is at the core of the Ascension process dynamic of energetical transmutation. The whole Universe true physic is absolutely identical to the laws of Music. We are hearing the Earth resonating by symphatic resonance to this influx just like a bell or a gong will resonate if another instrument is played in it's surrounding even if nothing has physically touched the bell or gong. It is called symphatic resonance phenomenon.

(There are many place in the world where very mysterious & super Powerful sound phenomenon have occurred. In their cases, it is a known sound phenomenon, it's the sound of highly compressed air in giant ventilation shafts of deep underground bases of the Illuminati secret mafia. The galactic federation of Light Armada of UFO that are around our Planet have started to destroy by implosion all their network of secret Bases. They used new secret high frequency sound technology to produce these super implosions. The destruction of these giant secret bases propels huge compressed air waves in the giant vent shaft with this sound characteristic.)
This is really great news!

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(I convey my excuses for the terrible ugly irrelevant dog at the beginning of the video, it is not of my making. I have to work with the material available.)

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