Scape_Time is an eight minutes long encounter with the successive stages of spatial excitation displayed by a world which hinges on a highly dynamic network of image and sound objects. The emerging structures are governed by behavioural rules which orchestrate the modulation of perspectives, the blending of dimensions, their positioning, lighting and shape, while simultaneously directing the coupled spatial and timbral modulation of their sonority.

Where our installations focus on self-structuring, generative real- time processes and our performances focus on our interaction with these processes, working on Scape_Time meant being able to focus on the selection and optimization of relevant process states and on the composition of rendered material outside of real-time.

The software environment that enables us to construct these worlds and describe their behaviour in a virtual space, is the result of an ongoing search for our own language and narrative in abstract image and sound.

Scape Time [08:21 / PAL Widescreen / 5.1 Surround] © 2006 Telcosystems - Distributed by Montevideo Amsterdam

Made with Max/MSP/Jitter. Recorded in Real Time.

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