just a short preview of new version of scatter tools for softimage. nothing really amazing, but i tried to make the workflow more consistent and also added a toolbar for people who don't want to use ICE nodes. well, you can do basic stuff with the toolbar, but eventualy you will have to use ICE tree... (it would be possible to make that toolbar more powerful, but i'm really bad with python :) )
so, this is how it works now:
first you scatter some objects (blue buttons), then you modify their atributes like size, shape, orientation... (green buttons) but usualy, you want to do those modifications based on some rules (red buttons)
cool thing is that you can combine those rules as you want. that means you can for example change the color of instances that are inside geometry, but only in certain distance from null and smaller than some value...

everything will be available to download as soon as i finish some little tweaks :)

my thanks to Anto Matkovic for help with Execute in/out curve and to Andreas Byström for allowing me to include his cool abScatter compound and Atsushi Tsugaruya for his Chain generator (used in Scatter On Curve compound)

edit: it can be downloaded here: milanvasek.com/_scattertools/ScatterTools1_1.xsiaddon
toolbar is reduced, because my python skill is not good enough to make it work well :)

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