For the V-Lux 30 camera launch, Leica Camera wanted to reach a new audience of young, connected and adventurous urbanites beyond its brand-loyal photography community. Leica wanted to convey the idea of 'Go Play', using Danny MacAskill—overnight YouTube celebrity and pro street trials rider—as the face of the campaign. The solution was a cross-platform interactive video series: 'Danny MacAskill Plays Cape Town'.

We empowered fans of Leica Camera and Danny MacAskill to be part of the story. The strategy had social built into it from concept to implementation. Over the ten days leading up to the May 26, 2011 launch, three short video clips of Danny MacAskill riding and doing stunts through Cape Town were released and uploaded to Facebook, Vimeo and YouTube. At the end of each video, there was a cliffhanger and, across platforms, viewers were asked to vote on Danny's next move. As an extra incentive to participate, voters were automatically entered to win the new mystery camera. Fans did more than just vote: they also speculated what the new product could be.

Fans were part of the story and vocal. They commented on, liked and shared the photos and videos from the series on Facebook, amplifying the message. Facebook Ads further amplified the camera launch. Sponsored Stories fostered Wall post engagement, leveraging the News Feed. Facebook Ads promoted voting that took place on Leica's blog.

The story took place on multiple platforms in addition to Facebook, including The Leica Camera Blog, Twitter, YouTube and Vimeo. The campaign came alive on the Leica Camera and Danny MacAskill Pages on Facebook, where the series was cross-promoted. Danny 'tagged' Leica in his Wall posts, shared news and also asked fans to vote for his next moves.

The V-Lux 30 was announced in the final video, and three lucky participants won the new camera. The clips that the fans voted on were incorporated into the complete video, which Leica used as their official commercial for the product.

Campaign Performance
Danny MacAskill Plays Cape Town is the most successful online launch in Leica's history.

The campaign generated Leica's largest percentage growth of Facebook fans for 2011, in addition to a 39% increase in blog traffic and 14% increase in web site traffic compared to the month prior to the launch.

The final video generated over 500,000 YouTube views, securing its place as Leica Camera's most popular YouTube video.

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