Ajtai Péter Róka - solo bass
II. FRISSEK Minifestival- NO para - Festival with emerging artists.
2012. FEBRUARY 11th. 21. o'clock
The place is given by the Sanyi And Aranka Theatre and the event is organized by Katalin Lengyel contemporary dance artist.
What is it actually?
The Performer has 10 minutes to perform his newest idea and work. These etudes will be followed by 10 minutes breaks and you can eat-drink-chat in the cosy bar. There is a short teaser below with each artist, check them all out!

Do it yourself! RESPECT ART Project:
Graphic design: Szolnoki-Szendrődi Judit
Director and Videos: Lengyel Katalin
Thanks to Sanyi és Aranka Színház, L1 & FÜGE Produkció!
Recorded by DA.

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