the concept of this clip is based on the combination of music and the visual impression with the
böhler area ("areal böhler") which is marked with an industrial history.(steel factory since 1915).
after filming parts of the area in an abstract way and doing some post-production we screened the edited film and recorded it with a VHS-recorder.
at the end we mixed the created material with some samples of both musicians.

these visuals are done for a back to back dj-set or a concert of wolfgang flür ("yamo", former member of "kraftwerk") and lucas croon("stabil elite").
it's a sampleshot whose separated parts could be used as basic elements of a visual live set in which the visuals are screened on the artists while they are performing a live dj set.

conception & realisation | elena stoljarowa & merle düpmeier |

screenings | BYOB at the NRW-Forum duesseldorf | twentieth of january 2012

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