In Hank Frisco: Galaxy Defender, “Last Cosmic Standing,” we find Captain Hank Frisco, his faithful Lieutenant Bonzo, and their sarcastic robot Archie trapped on the dreaded planet “Sitcom.” Held against their will, our heroes must endure mediocre plot after mediocre plot for the sadistic enjoyment of “The Audience.” Their only companion in this cliche-ridden world is a mysterious being known as “The Sexy Teenage Daughter;” a sultry life-form who may be the only hope for our Captain and his crew.

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Episode 3: Last Cosmic Standing -

Scott Cupper as Hank Frisco
Neil Arsenty as Lt. Bonzo
Jake VanKersen as Archie the Robot
Tim Heurlin as the Audience
Catherine McCafferty as The Sexy Teenage Daughter

With music by Jon Steinmeier

Produced by Joe DeJulius, Patrick Fee, Matt Kelley, Scott Lynch and Jake VanKersen.

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