Dorkbotlex, March14, 2009, a glimpse: Sound->body: a biofeedback tool installation

"an eeg was used to measure changes in low-frequency amplitude, at a point along the mid-line of the scalp (10/20-Cz), indicative of a coherent heart. this frequency only reflects the pulse discreetly when it is coherent. using the infrared sensor-powered emwave PC, a visual was rendered that provided the participant with an operant breathwork. as the breath succinctly provides the respiratory its necessary nutritive elements in the air, the organism shifts toward a coherent state.

this coherent state reflects sinoidal movement of autonomic tone as it is reflected in diastolic/ systolic dominance in the heart's rhythms, and can be used to guide the movement of breath toward deeply generative postures of release. by corresponding a low-bass tone with the pulse-signal of the eeg, the body is informed by a beacon that allows sensational awareness to "invite" the pulse into tissue. even more discreet, more informative, more generative signals can be used, a calculation can be applied that rewards progress with a counter-response scenario, diminishing the intensity of the stimulus as tissue is associated somatically.

it is my intent to use simple, novel technology to allow the animal of the organism to express itself through a posture that is infinitely subtle and profoundly ergogenic. in this way, the gross is supported by certain qualities of the environment, while the subtle is challenged by certain others. what is rendered is a refinement of the channels between; a greater nervous capacity, the in-dwelling of tissue. energy reserves are bolstered, and their channels aligned.

great inspirations for my work and study are clustered in the realm of the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Allan Schore. the eeg pulse-monitor is HeartMath's, Dr. William Tiller, many thanks to them."

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