I was the co-director on this project but also responsible for on set VFX Supervising ensuring the green-screen, tracking and shots were set up properly to make post production efficient. Also took tons of reference images with the DOP - Dan on location in San Fransisco.

Working on site at Little Red Robot with Seth Shevosky I was also responsible for leading a team of compositors and a 3D artist within the Nuke and Maya Compositing workflow. I developed the core 3D workflow between Maya and Nuke by setting up the 3D comp environment scripts and building the main core of the comps and pretty much handled most of the 3D compositing within the project with some shots being handled by a junior compositor and the lead 3D artist.

The shot featured here is a shot I put together, which is made up of only still photography / images to make the environment come to life inside Nukes 2.5D compositing power.

Client: Oakland Records / Universal Music
Facility: Little Red Robot

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