The Malawi judiciary members of staff have vowed never to return to their duties until they are given their revised pay which dates back to 2006.

The strike which has never entered the second month has paralysed all the functions of the legal system in Malawi.

Meanwhile, Civil Servants Trade Union has threatened to mobilise all civil servants in Malawi to go on strike in solidarity with their counterparts in the judiciary.

Judiciary employees have been boycotting work for a month now pressing the executive to implement their new salary packages approved by parliament in 2006.

The Judiciary Act stipulates that conditions of service of the Chief Justice and workers in the judicially are subject to review and endorsement by the National Assembly every three years.

However, the government is still adamant on the current situation and says it has no intentions to deal with the plea trhe judiciary members of staff are advancing saying the strike in all Malawi courts is illegal.

But the striking members have argued saying "no money no work" they followed all the procedures and all they are waiting for is their dues now amounting to US$7.2million.

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