The Maya are the indigenous habitants to the region we now call Cental America. They lived in harmony with the land and nature and its natural cycles. Since the spanish conquistadors arrived in central america the native maya have been the target of cultural injustice, religious persecution and mass genocide of their people.

The spanish worked to convert the Maya to catholicism and in the plight of their conquest they burned many of the Maya’s sacred codices and text as well as built churches on the Mayas sacred temples.

The spanish continued to illegally take the land of the maya, leading up to present times.

For the first time in history the High authorities of the Kiche Mayan people have gathered and have come to ask the government of Guatemala for the Rights to their land back.

Produced in collaboration with Citric Media and Real Planet Films

Clip Directed By Eduardo Santella and Cassidy Rast

Cinematography by Eduardo Santella and Cassidy Rast

Voice over Eduardo Santella

Music by Eduardo Santella

Voice over written by Cassidy Rast

Produced on behalf of the Kiche Maya people.

To leatn more about the Unification of Wisdom please visit

Eduardo Santella website

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