Our inspiration was Bruce Nauman. We need modularity and visual symbols in order to follow our own path in life.

Scaffold it! It’s a way to create your own storage modular system with bamboo sticks, fascettes and planks. It’s a light storage system, with different measurements. If you feel creative enough you can also do something a little more abstract. You can lie it in the floor, hang it into the ceiling, do a normal shelf or a multi-perceptive one! There are thousands of solutions.

From shape until the material, everything has beed designed to improve product performance in different channels. The modularity allows an improvement in storage, transport and configuration of parts, obtaining with this the authenticity and happiness of every consumer. Cube by cube its built a new history, a new ritual and a new tradition.

Also we have to mention that all the materials are completely recyclable and they can be used indoors or outdoors.

In our opinion it is a project with soul, it makes you think and improve your creativity!

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