"Troubadours is the story of four musical artists finding success, but nobody really knowing about it. Diego, Alvaro, Lorenzo and Julio all share the same town, an other-worldly and enigmatic city that protects them for days on end. Troubadours is a reflection on art and fame, unafraid of reaching into its insanity. It finds the adequate rhythm to portray the drives of different persons who have left everything behind them, and now keep forging ahead irrevocably. The magic to be found a gaze, the concealed beauty of an ordinary town or the sheer greatness of the insignificant are the overarching notions and ideas of this film."

- Hot Docs (The Docs Shop, Market)
- Festival de Cine de Zaragoza (Official Selection - Documentary -)
- Festival Cine//B (Official Selection - Focos -)

With the bands Rapsusklei, Julio Donoso, Don Nadie & Interlude.

An Ivan Castell film.



Available worldwide at:

Vimeo on Demand: vimeo.com/ondemand/trovadores

Also on:
Amazon Prime & Instant Video: amzn.com/B00R4UPLSK
Indiereign: indiereign.com/video/trovadores
Filmin: filmin.es/pelicula/trovadores

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