Directed by Indira Cesarine
Featuring Michelle V Hollander, Ali, Anna Smirnova, Elina Mitrofanova, Yeon, Luma Grothe, Fifi Newbery, Michelene Auguste, Joy McLaren, Lucie Nontha, Jennifer Folley, Lisa Akensson, Vanessa Lee & Elena Sudakova.
Fashion Director: Indira Cesarine
Styling by Indira Cesarine & Kalee Hewlett
Hair by Keiichiro Hirano
Makeup by John Christopher
Cinematography by Indira Cesarine
Additional Camera Operators Louise Roberts and Daniel Herendi
Edited by Michaela Vatcheva and Indira Cesarine
Color Grading by Indira Cesarine
Assistant editor Caitlan Louise
Photo / Video assistants: Kristian Pirotta, Daniel Herendi, Olivia Beresford and Louise Roberts
Music by Moby

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