Live performance of one of my tracks.
This is a first attempt to record my live performance.
This tracks is supposed to be composed as an ostinato.

The harp/clavichord in the introduction is played live on the Ipad with a home made Lemur patch that simulates the Omnichord or an Autoharp.

The percussion sound at the beginning is a actually me taping on a grand piano's plate.
I recorded that years ago, and added it to this track.
It has rich harmonics due to the strings and a smooth dampen reverb.

On this performance:
I basically play the drum beats with my right hand, and trigger/change the track's structure with my left hand.
+Sometimes when I free a hand to modify the sounds.

Technical infos:
*Padkontrol-> Ableton Live Drum rack with a sliced drum loop
*Monome->MLR V2 that contains more than 20 loops sent to Ableton Live through Rewire.
*Launchpad that trigger additionnal loops (mostly soundfx).
*Lemur Ipad with a homemade patch that emulates the Omnichord, Mu and a controller for MLRV 2

Ableton Live and MLRV2 have no quantization.
This tracks is a bit too fast therefore it makes quantization very difficult (or impossible) to use.

Delays and reverbs along with other effects are set in Ableton Live.

Filmed with a GoPro Hero HD2 camera.

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