English Subtitled Havoc in Heaven Part 1 of 2, a 1964 Chinese Animation starring Sun WuKong, the legendary Monkey King.
Synopsis: Sun WuKong was a monkey born from stone that had gathered the energy of the earth. He became king of the monkeys on the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit, and gained his legendary weapon, the Golden Staff, from the Dragon King of the East Seas. WuKong ends up being brought up to Heaven and given the duty of Keeper of the Royal Stables so that Heaven can keep an eye on him, but the Monkey King later rebels when he learns of this. WuKong then establishes himself as the "Great Sage equal to Heaven" and demands recognition from Heaven.

I apolgize for the mediocre quality of this video and the subtitling of this piece if they come across as poor; this is my first subtitling job and I have a lot to learn. If anyone knows how to improve the quality of .AVI files or how to do a better job with subtitles, please let me know.
Thank you for watching!

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