2011 - TyC Sports
Program packaging - "LIBERO"

After the success of 2009 of restyling 5 shows for the Argentinean sports channel, TyC Sports doubles its bet and, taking advantage of the launch of its HD signal they trust us into developing 8 new program packaging.
To address this project on this scale, we added more help by working with the very best of the Argentinean broadcast design. In this way, we functioned as both, a studio and an agency, coordinating and directing the project as a whole.
There were 5 super intense months, sailing in a transatlantic between countless of lower thirds, statistical plates, plasma backgrounds, balls, boots and 3D stadiums!

More info and process> lumbre.tv


TyC Sports Project Managers: Gonzalo Gomez, Martin Ferdkin, Javier Gori

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Assistant Producer: Natalia Giuliano
Design and Animation: Soup
Music: "Falling to Pieces" by Faith No More

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