A couple Vimeo staffers were able to tag along with director Jonathan Yi on the production of the music video "Four to Six" by Math the Band! This exclusive behind the scenes features cast and crew describing the experience working on the production, including shooting with the Canon C300, capturing a prosthetic head explosion with multiple cameras set to different speeds, and shooting with a snorricam!

You can check out Jonathan Yi's music video of Math the Band's "Four to Six" here:

Also, check out Jonathan Yi's in-depth look at the C300 here:

Behind the scenes produced by Daniel Hayek and Champ Ensminger

Additional footage by Mary Perrino, Jonathan Yi, Seth Hagenstein, and James Gannon.

Music Acknowledgements:
"4 to 6" by Math the Band
"All Stars" and "Screw Wave" by The Windom Earle

Special thanks to Jonathan Yi, Sam Goetz, James Gannon, Joanna Tillman, Jeff Moratti, Don Miller, Seth Hagenstein, Mary Perrino, Kevin Steinhauser, Justine Mainville, Chris Cipriano, and Jeff Williams

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