Introduction To Home Canning ( part 3 ) Pressure Canning. This is the third part of my video series on canning basics. In this video i will be pressure canning squash.
This is the last video in my 3 part video series, describing the basic concepts of canning. The series starts with the introduction then water bath method and pressure canning. This will be followed by videos involving recipes and food preps made using various canning methods.

I will be posting this information on my web site (under how to documents) along with any information updates. I also invite you, my viewers to help build my new discussion forums relating to preppper / survival topics and share your ideas. This will be helpful to everyone, as it will only help build and strengthen the prepper / patriot community. I personally believe that - the more people become educated in preparedness and are able to become self sufficient, the better it will be for everyone, should the day come that we need to put our skills to the test.
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