Winterlude, an annual celebration of winter, takes place in Ottawa and is in its 34th year in 2012. One of the events is an ice sculpture carving competition. Teams of 2 come from around the world to compete. This year, first prize was $3,000.

I got hooked up with a team of carvers from Mexico to shoot this timelapse. Teams have 30 hours over a period of 3 days to complete their ice art. I shot for a total of about 9 hours out of the 30 to put together this clip.

Technicals: Shot on a Nikon D700. Mostly 28-70 f2.8 AF-S lens but some with a 17-35 f2.8 AF-S. All shot in Manual @f8. Shutter speed varied depending on the light. WB was fixed and set depending on the light. Lens was disengaged slightly to stop it down and fix the aperture at f8 to prevent aperture flicker. Stills edited in Lightroom. Video compiled in Sony Vegas. The tripod got knocked/grabbed/kicked a fair bit in the crowds so I added some crossfades and a few jump cuts (yeah, I know....) to try and hide the tripod knocks. The jump cuts seem to work not badly with the music so I left them in.

Music: "Rotator" by Moby, used under a MobyGratis license.

You can read more about the Winterlude festival here,

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