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We did a quick test with the Red One to see how the camera would handle available light.

Shot at 4.5K with the Mysterium X sensor with just the light available to us. Boy, were we impressed! Everything was clean, sharp and visually stunning - it's truely a remarkable camera. The footage is also malliable in post, as there are a few cropped shots in there. The cropped images stayed sharp and crisp. You can't do that with a DSLR!!

Director: Kit Sivyer
Producer: Grace Julia
Director of Photography: Dominik Muench
Camera Assist / Operator: Patrice Roblin

Our lovely test subject was Rebecca Kenny-Sumiga.

Behind the scenes footage shot on a Canon 7D by Karen Espinosa.

Video responses shot by Ivan Kenny-Sumiga.

Interior scenes shot at Kerbside.
Exterior shots were shot around various locations in Brisbane City.

Thanks heaps to everyone at Indiegogo who's supported us so far.

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