While I was in Hastings a few weeks ago I filmed a promotional video for a local bee keeper. They specialize in collecting Manuka Honey. Now I know why Manuka is a more premium honey than Clover! We had to drive for about 2 hours right into the middle of nowhere to get to the hives. But wow, it was pretty epic scenery to film in.

I spent a summer about 15 years ago working with my Uncle who was a bee keeper so getting back into a bee suit brought back some cool memories. It was still quite a weird experience walking up to the hives and having thousands of bees swam to you.

Filming was insanely hard. I had to work through rubber gloves with bee's crawling all over my camera. And trying to see the LCD screen in bright sunlight through the mask I was wearing, it was almost impossible to hold focus. But I made it... and only got stung once! I was expecting it to be a lot worse than that.


Music licensed through withetiquette.com

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