Us and the Game Industry is a film about the new thinkers at the new frontier of experimental computer game development.

We delve into this untapped world of potential to meet the people who are succeeding in reinventing the medium of game design and challenging the established norms with their finely crafted work.

This film explores how their motivation, design process, focus and execution are creating unique and new possibilities of connecting people and providing the possibility for uncharted experiences outside the normal realm of commercial games.

Producer/Director - Stephanie Beth
Editor - Kat Blair

Cinematography by:
Clay Westervelt
Chris Mosio
Stephanie Beth

Sound Design - Amy Barber

Music and sound design (diegetic):
Purification of the City, from Flower composed by Vincent Diamante
Music from Journey, composed by Austin Wintory
Music loops from Inside a Star-Filled Sky by Jason Rohrer and for Diamond Trust of London by Jason Rohrer, composed by Tom Bailey

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