Directed by Indira Cesarine
Featuring Cecile Sinclair and Nastya Sviridenko
Fashion Director Indira Cesarine
Styling by Indira Cesarine & Kalee Hewlett
Hair by Keiichiro Hirano
Makeup by Angela David Beacon
Cinematography by Indira Cesarine
Second Camera Sam Heasman
Edited by Emily Pelleymounter
Color Grading by Indira Cesarine
Photo assistants Kristian Pirotta, Lalique Martinez, Olivia Beresford
Car designed by artist Kristian Von Hornsleth
Music by Moby

Color Blast (3:34) Directed by Indira Cesarine, features models Cecile Sinclair and Nastya Sviridenko.The fashion film merges fashion and art in motion, showcasing the latest color-infused collections while driving through London in the famous contemporary art car painted by contemporary artist Kristian Von Hornsleth. Styling by Indira Cesarine and Kalee Hewlett, hair by Keiichiro & makeup by Angela David Beacon. Cinematography by Indira Cesarine and Sam Heasman, editing by Emily Pelleymounter with music by Moby.

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