aquarium - an art intervention by Karina Smigla-Bobinski and Beatriz von Eidlitz in Statetheatre at the Gärtnerplatz for 850-year anniversary of Munich.

(...) The video- installation by Beatriz von Eidlitz and Karina Smigla-Bobinski in the upper theatre foyer is visible only by night, when films of swimming goldfish are being projected onto the three big windows. The windows become some kind of a display, the room is transformed into a big aquarium. For the passers-by a mute and free Show is being performed.

The Goldfish as a lucky charm - In China goldfish are regarded as the flowers of domesticated animals. Legend says, they were living in heaven once, but while playing behind the clouds, they fell from the edge, out of shere carlessness onto earth.
In reality the are the first aquarium fish to be bred for the sole purpose of pleasing mankind. They are regarded as lucky charms, the long life expectancy and their golden shimmer symbolizing wealth and abundance.
Moreover: the fish under the water surface plays about the transition from visible to invisible, from conscious to unconscious, from mystery and discovery. That is why they attract our looks magnetically.

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