Isha: A Tell All Tale is the story of a young South Asian woman’s dramatic journey through the treacherous shoals of the New York art world. Isha moves from India to New York to pursue her dreams of becoming the next ”big thing” in the glamorous but unforgiving New York City art scene. However the journey is, as we must expect, frought with perils. Isha learns by difficult and threatening encounters with Collectors, Critics and even “Friends” that the way this world perceives her and all that she stands for is anything but “open”.This journey follows her from pursuing her studies at university to interning at the world’s biggest Auction House, then on to a job working in a large New York Gallery and finally to her most sought after destination, as an internationally aclaimed independent curator. All the while Isha meets the good, bad and the terribly ugly that make up the Art World. Though we learn much of her personal story, Isha: A Tell All Tale is also the tale of all young women’s constant need to balance their career ambitions, and the expectations of family and society to be good daughters, wives, and mothers.

Written by Meenakshi Thirukode, the story follows the strict narrative style of Indian soap operas, or “serials“ while developing at the same time, parallel meta- narratives that questions our perceptions of ‘reality’. The story will be told through myriad platforms that combine dream like fantasies with live performance, breaking the fragile boundries that seperate our “worlds” in this new digital universe. It also sees the debut of Em Tee who plays the role of Isha - the main protagonist who is loosely based on Ms. Thirukode’s own experiences as a writer and curator working in New York.

Hope you enjoy these snippets of behind-the-scenes footage of the filming of the teaser.
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Isha: A Tell-All Tale is based on a concept developed by Meenakshi Thirukode and Peter Hopkins.

Directed by Meenakshi Thirukode and Armando Croda
Produced by Peter Hopkins and The Bogart Salon.

Isha: A Tell-All Tale
A Meenakshi Thirukode Film

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