The Sea In Between - a music documentary from Mason Jar Music & Josh Garrels
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In the documentary performance film “The Sea in Between,” Portland-based songwriter Josh Garrels
and NYC arts collective Mason Jar Music travel to remote Mayne Island, B.C. to build music from the ground up,
on a trip financed and made possible by one inspired family of fans.

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"Slip Away"
Written & Performed by Josh Garrels

Produced by Dan Knobler, Jon Seale, and Georgia Johnson
Music Arranged by Gabriel Gall
Recorded and Mixed by Dan Knobler & Jon Seale
Video Directed and Shot by Andrew Ellis
Camera Operation by Sasha Arutyunova, Zach Kuperstein, and Katrina Sorrentino
Edited by Matt Porter

Mallet instruments provided by Jim Doble:


Josh Garrels - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Gabriel Gall - Stonaphone
Matt Porter - Aquarion
Jay Kirkpatrick - Accordion
Jason Burger - Drums & Percussion
Char Prescott - Cello
Russell Durham - Violin
Chad Lefkowitz-Brown - Clarinet

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