WoO + Izvanredni Bob, audiovisual live performance, 60 min (short demo version, 15 min)
Belgrade, Serbia

The creator who presents himself as Wo0 is one of the founders of Belgrade Noise Society, now the only place in Serbia's capital for organic explorations in sound. As the collective states, they create "using analogue equipment, as much as we can find around us, to ease the process of primary human reactions to frequencies we get from devices that people use everyday. Most people don't even think about the things they use everyday ..." Wo0 is an improv guitar player from Belgrade, once a member of the anonymous noise-rock band Off. On his debut album, after several CD-R EPs from his own label Herbarium Records, Wo0 is using only two electric guitars, several effect pedals and some everyday devices. Mobile phones, remote controllers, radio, television, magnets and even the guitar itself can transmit certain signals that the human ear usually does not hear. This is also the main material for Wo0 to build his tracks from, capturing and creating signals by using a number of "small instruments", or better say devices: remote controllers, a bow, a computer mouse, mobile phones or radio receivers. The results are intriguing, always expanding to show an ultimately open sensibility − "Just amplify the air, and you've got it."

His latest album Come Blue was released in June this year (2008) for A.Star Recordings, a small independent label from Utah, USA. This time around, all those frequencies and signals are followed by ambient wash-out guitars full of floating melodies. Tracks like Final Zero Point and Sky Over Oslo are directly inspired by the sound of the air, sounding very light and transparent. On Guitar Shine, Wo0 presents another possible approach to his music: oscillating signals and frequencies are multiplied gradually, creating a mass of floating sounds, and then after some minutes, he starts to play rock-sounding guitar in the background. On recent live shows, Wo0 plays similar music, combining contemporary electronic music with rock.

The live set is an on-going collaboration with the acclaimed video artist Incredible Bob (aka Bob Miloshevic) who is, in a similar spirit, using analogue no-input video/TV feedback as source material. The ten tracks were recorded live at the Herbarium home studio, with no editing or use of computer. At moments, it seems that despite such a simple arsenal, Wo0 can reach frequencies for which others would have to invest time in the company of Max/MSP. His abstract miniatures are moving from glitch-noise to emotional and acoustic passages, creating a breath-taking journey through subtle minimalist melodies and warm percussive atmospheres. Collecting signals in an attempt to amplify the very air we breathe ...
With visual artist Incredible Bob, Wo0 played many shows in Belgrade (Dis-patch Festival, Soundscapes Festival, B-link Festival at O3one Gallery, Museum Of Contemporary Art, Museum Of Applied Arts, Cultural Center REX and many others), Zagreb (Mars Festival), Ljubljana (RE-LAX with Fennesz, Trnfest, Kinodvor cinema, Metelkova with Belgrade Noise Society), Berlin (Salon Bruit), Gothenburg, Malmö (Motvikt Festival), Norberg (Norberg Festival), Copenhagen etc.

Currently, Belgrade Noise Trio is playing shows around Serbia (recently they played at the famous RING RING Festival in Belgrade beside Ken Vandermark, Fennesz, Hamid Drake & Paolo Angeli, Toshimaru Nakamura, Puma and others), presenting their new material that will be recorded this year. All Belgrade Noise recordings are live recordings.


Read the Interview with Wo0 here mfru.org

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