Piccolo is a pocket-sized stand-alone CNC platform. For less than $70, you can assemble your personal Arduino-compatible kit for tinkering, developing and deploying basic 3D output. Be it plotting quick graffiti, printing a one-off business card on the fly, or multiple Piccolos working together to create a large mural, this kit provides a platform for experimenting with 2D or 3D digital fabrication at a small scale. This open-source design emphasizes simplicity, and is entirely composed of digitally manufactured components and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware.


Tiago Rorke | Diatom Studio, tiago.co.nz
Greg Saul | Diatom Studio, gregsaul.co.uk
Cheng Xu | CMU CoDe Lab, cheeriocheng.com
Huaishu Peng | CMU CoDe Lab, huaishu.me

music: Wet Wings - Last Day of Summer | wetwings.lilchiefrecords.com/track/last-day-of-summer

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