Between March and August 2010 Vetor/Lobo produced around 580 short films for Cartoon Network, to be aired throughout all of Latin America. This job was an extension of the process started the previous year by the North American branch, who carried out an extensive on-air rebrand based on a concept that employed as a central motif toy art-like dolls called Noods, plain white figurines that can adopt the colors and personalities of various characters from Cartoon Network’s roster.

Since the use of this doll design was restricted to the USA, Cartoon Network create a new model to be used in the Latin American package, following the same toy art spirit. Like the original Nood, this figure should also be capable of incorporating numerous network characters.

Once we defined the doll’s design, we had to submit to the client an example of how every character starring the spots would adapt to its shape. Only then we start producing all the material, including bumpers, IDs, promos, menus etc. In some of the cases we just had to adapt pre-existing spots, recreating them with the new model. In other cases we received a script, from which we developed storyboards, animatics and then the final animations. Finally, part of the scripts were created by ourselves.

All the spots have in common the fact that they show quick comical situations, acted out without dialogue or text in no more than 5 seconds, which presented us with exciting storytelling challenges.

Creative Director: Mateus de Paula Santos
Executive Producer Luiz Carlos Reis
Head of Production: Loic Francois Marie Dubois
Producers: Theo Cardinali, Fabio Trucci
CG Supervisor: Guilherme Rizzo
Modeling: Rafael Segnini, Rafael Martinez, Daniel Ho, Karla Ruoco, Filipe Lopes, Iara Furuse, Cristian Lucas
Rigging: Richard Maegaki, Rogério Miyagi, Henrique de Freitas
Main Animation: Vagner Farias, Rodrigo Souza, Guilherme Gubert
Animation: Helio Takahashi, Marcos Trandafilov, Ivan Oviedo, Alexandre Martins, Jason Tadeu de Oliveira
Fluid Dynamics: Cristian Lucas
Lighting/Rendering: Guilherme Rizzo, Roberto Maki, Mauricio Trivelin, Mauricio Pirilo, Patricia Lobo, Alexandre Eschenbah
Texturing: Jannaina Bonacelli, Franciani Roos, Ricardo Riamonde, Ernesto Tani, Michel de Moraes
Texture Animation: Rachel Moraes, Roger Marmo
Rotoscoping: Gassan Abdouni
Compositing: Rachel Moraes
Compositing Assistant: Rafael Martinelli

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