- Phil with Watch Us Grow shows how his Natural All Purpose Plant Food helps berries grow healthy and big.
Q: How is Watch Us Grow different from other water soluble plant foods such as Miracle-Gro, Peters, etc.? Why do gardeners prefer it over other plant foods?
A: In addition to the unique ingredient FOL-ADE™, there are a number of other differences which make Watch Us Grow attractive to gardeners and plant enthusiasts:
Watch Us Grow is a liquid, not a granular solid. It is therefore easier to mix, does not separate or settle out in the watering can, and will not harden over time. For commercial users, it will not clog your irrigation system. Watch us Grow maintains its effectiveness for a long time.
There is no deterioration from year to year. It will be just as good to use three or four years from now as it is today. The Watch Us Grow pour-out cap eliminates dripping, green fingers, and stains on the kitchen counter. It is easy, fast, and convenient to measure when mixing.
Most importantly -- Watch Us Grow provides better results. Growing tests conducted by an independent consulting service have proven that when applied at the recommended application rates, Watch Us Grow provides superior plant growth and blooms for most species.
Watch Us Grow is non-burning. This is a very important fact for today's busy gardeners who want maximum results and sometimes over-feed to achieve them. Growing tests prove that Watch us Grow is far and away more safe than water soluble (granular) plant foods which can seriously burn the leaves. Watch Us Grow is practically fool proof. Because Watch Us Grow is so safe and easy to use, it is hard to make a mistake even on sensitive indoor plants such as Orchids and African Violets. Watch Us Grow is all you need.

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