I used logs the users:
1. Linda Lawrey (plus.google.com/102533732658641069172)
2. Chris Pirillo (plus.google.com/107234826207633309420)
3. Brad Chasenore (plus.google.com/108413247499481325229)
4. Matt Mastracci (plus.google.com/115459243651688775505)
5. Артём Зубков (profiles.google.com/artzub)

Tree builded based on the following principles:
root / year / month / day / author / postId / type action / action.
type action — comment, re-post, plus, share.
action — userId.tyep action.

The data were built in the LoggenCGS (loggencsg.googlecode.com) and were drawn in the Gource (gource.googlecode.com).

Music: TRANQUILA Belladonna remix | Dejame Vivir Con Alegria

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