Balcony Players came to Belo Horizonte to play in a festival. A few days before that, I got the chance to meet them in a jam organized by a few friends from other bands. A couple of days later, they asked me if I wanted to film them playing. It was a Saturday night and their drummer would leave Sunday afternoon.
We agreed that we would meet at the house they were staying in and from there we would go find somewhere nice to film.
When I got there, we only had about one hour left. We didn't go anywhere. We stayed in the backyard and it all started. And now, looking at it, there was no better place for it to be done.
This song was written by their guitar player Johan De Pue.
Shot first try.

Balcony Players are the gypsies of our time.

Thanks for everyone involved in this. Raul for letting us film in his house, his band Pequena Morte and

Long life Luca Susti, Moniek De Leeuw, Ilse Roskam, Martin Masakowski, Johan De Pue

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