A new independent feature film, shooting in Greece & London in 2011/12
Greek Language, Fantasy Thriller

Plot: Niko is a romantic, young Greek writer living in London. When his finances go astray, he hides out in the neglected family house in the Greek mountain town of Siatista. Surrounded by the ghosts of the past, Niko must uncover the mystery of his father's death and retain his grasp on reality.

Starring: Vaggelis Mourikis, Efi Papatheodorou, Theo Albanis, Andreas Andreopoulou, Petroula Christou

With original music by the legendary B.D. Foxmoor of Active Member. From the album 'La Bruja Muerta / Ο ΧΕΙΜΩΝΑΣ '.

Directed by Konstantinos Koutsoliotas
Written by Elizabeth E Schuch & Konstantinos Koutsoliotas
Produced by: Melancholy Star Ltd (UK), Jakub Woroszylski & Pawel Witecki Mastershot (PL)

Cinematography: Kuba Kossak
Costumes: Anami Tara Shucart
Production Design: Elizabeth E Schuch

Official Site: winter-thefilm.com
Facebook: facebook.com/winterthefilm

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