"FIVE TRIPS OF FUVE" is my second skateboarding film and a collaboration between Frisco and Antics - a celebration of a 5 year collaboration, plus their 5th anniversary!

Going on five trips through Europe, with five different crews is what made me so happy to have found skateboarding about 10 years ago. It takes you to new places, gives you a bond with just about every skateboarder on the world and it gives you a sense of freedom.
That's what keeps us doing it until tomorrow.

Please enjoy our good times in Barcelona and remind yourself of how beautiful skateboarding is.
- Yannick Wijgman

Dennis Huizinga
Hendrik G.
Jaap van Marle
Yannick Wijgman

Super 8 (Kodak Ektachrome 64T):
Yannick Wijgman

Filmed and edited by:
Yannick Wijgman

Additional filming:
Hendrik Gores

Super 8 development:
Frank Bruinsma (super8.nl)

Super 8 Wetgate scan:
Daan Müller (homedvd.nl)

Thanks to:
Nike SB
and everyone else involved

John Frusciante - "Untitled #1"
Allen Ginsberg - "Europe, Europe"

Rory Gallagher - "Flight To Paradise"
Taste - "Norman Invasion"
Rory Gallagher - "Cut A Dash"

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