“…All the rhinos and hippos and elephants in the world, if gathered in one city, could not begin to create the menace and explosive intensity of the hourly and daily experience of the internal-combustion engine. Are people really expected to internalize -live with- all this power and explosive violence, without processing and siphoning it off into some form of fantast for compensation and balance?”
-Marshall McLuhan, from Understanding Media 1964.

As the automobile became a part of the human experience, it moved away from a purely utilitarian tool, to a highly fetishized and sought after symbol. The connotation of the car varies from subculture to subculture, but it can be summarized in terms of sexuality, power and social status. Mechanical Bride, was a term used by McLuhan inspired by Duchamp’s The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors, Even in order to describe man’s obsessively romantic relationship with the motor car.
This work examines, in a brutally honest manner, the relationships formed between man and machine and the constant disparity between the desire for its power and the struggle to control it.

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