"Boris and Bella" is a short film produced by the students from 11ADAN04, for the Diploma of Animation (Advanced) at YOOBEE at Natcoll Design School's Auckland Campus.

"Boris and Bella" is based on the original book by author Carolyn Crimi and artist Gris Grimly, whose script and designs were the foundation of this animation. We have tried to stay very faithful to both the original script and the artwork.

Ash Jones and Natalie Beran headline as the voices of Boris and Bella respectively, with Ash Jones performing quadruple duty as the voices of Morrie Mummy, Frank Stein and the Narrator, in addition to his role as Boris Kleanitoff. For the crucial dance scene in the story, we had composer Camilo Diaz Pino and vocalist Cassandra McCowan create the "Monster Mambo" song, and they also created the opening and closing music for the project.

The students worked for 10 weeks to create this animation, creating 52 characters and well over 100 props, which were all modelled, textured and animated by the seventeen students on the team. The seven minutes of animation were created over a four weeks of intensive animation, and admittedly, some scenes certainly need some TLC! The project, while a bit rough in places, hopefully shows the potential of the "Boris and Bella" story.

The students who worked on this project were:

Hyun Jun Cho
Anh Tuan Danh
Gray Davis
Andrew Gardner
Jarrod Gibbons
Jared Hawkins
Hai Lun Hu
Gurneet Khahra
Michael McCardle
Andrew Morris
Emma Schischka
Rachel Schischka
Ze Feng Shen
Brendan Sinclair
Xin Tang
Dan Vailoa
with Jora Hill
Katherine Stabler
Krit Tassanaruck
and Zhi Xia

Hope you enjoy watching this film, as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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