From 2006 until 2009, the boys and girls from the schools of Matara district, one of twelve districts of the province Cajamarca in Peru, worked at recovering a caring and respectful way of growing a variety of native crops, such as maize and beans, which have always nurtured the people of the region. They are also recovering the knowledge of their grandparents, as well as music, weaving, basket making, and embroidery. From the perspective of, and narrated by, local children this video tells the story of intergenerational communication and the rejuvenation of traditions in the agrocentric communities of the Peruvian Andes.

The children of Matara are working with their teachers and their parents, who accompany them in different activities done in school and in their own chacras, or cultivated fields. At the schools in Rio Seco, Condormarca, Tinajones, and other nearby towns, parents help their children grow crops and take care of the school chacras, as well as in all the different agricultural activities, such as selecting and storing seeds, preparing the soil, sowing and weeding, and harvesting. The parents and elders also help the children with rituals, blessing the seeds so that they grow pretty and strong.

This video was produced in 2009 as part of a project on the regeneration of cultural and biological diversity in ten rural communities of Peru by Chacras Matara-Cajamarca, in cooperation with Proyecto Andino de Tecnologias Campesinas (PRATEC) in Lima and Terre des hommes in Holland. In Spanish with custom-made English subtitles provided by TV Multiversity for your viewing enjoyment.

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