I put this film together as a way of exposing the natural beauty of one of my favorite places to free dive, Tres Palmas, Puerto Rico. I have been diving this reef for a number of years now and have witnessed first hand the bleaching of this coral reef and others being impacted as a result of global warming. For the most part, it has been destructive to the overall entire ecosystem. Loosing this reef as well as 1000's of other reefs around the world would be an epic tragedy, not only for the reefs but for the existence of mankind.

All it takes is a few minutes into your first dive here to realize that we are all apart of the bigger picture of life. In the water I feel in tune with nature, one with the ocean and it's creatures, and most importantly... one with myself.

Please help by supporting the greatest cause in "Protecting Our Coral Reefs & Oceans; They're Worth It!"

Share this video with your friends and family and pass on the spirt of Aloha!

Stay STOKED!!!

Notes from Surfrider Foundation:

While most Elkhorn coral (Acropora palmata) throughout the Caribbean is
facing destruction largely caused by human-related activities, healthy and well-
developed Elkhorn coral can still be found off the coast of Rincón, Puerto Rico.
The coral provides environmental and economic benefits to the small
community. The Tres Palmas reefs protect the adjacent shoreline from erosion
and the Elkhorn colonies provide essential fish habitat (Bruckner, 2002). Rincón
has a long tradition as a fishing community and a small but important
demographic continues to rely on fishing for income. The reefs also provide
world-class recreational opportunities for snorkeling and surfing. With sixty
percent of Rincón’s workforce and forty percent of its income generated by
coastal tourism, the Tres Palmas reefs are among Rincón’s strongest natural and
economic assets (Pendleton, 2002).

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