We've been friends with BRR for a long time, and there's this familiarity there. So when they called us with three days' notice and said 'hey we're shooting a music video in Hartford this weekend, you should come up,' we didn't really think about it. We just got in the truck.

They had a concept ready, costumes rented, and a giant white retirement home shuttle bus. We came up with some shots, scrambled for locations, and car mounted our FS100 with a single suction cup and tension wire that we stripped off a Kessler Crane.

My favorite moment was when we realized we could project footage we had already shot in the theatre we were using, and so we did our exterior first, and then ran up to the projection room, cabled a laptop into their system, did a quick color grade on the shot, and then shot the vampire scene with his actual footage playing in the background.

The band cheered a little.

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