Washington, DC PEPCO (Potomac Electric Power Company) explains on their website how Smart Meters work:

How many times a day does the meter broadcast?
Rather than continuous output, meters are idle most of the time, only waking up periodically – up to six times a day – to send a brief transmission before going back to sleep. An individual meter on a home is idle well more than 99% of the time. pepco.com/_res/documents/smartmetersfaqpepcowebsite.pdf

If what we see in this video is correct then the PEPCO Smart Meter is broadcasting thousands of times per day at very high levels. Fifty to seventy-five of the spikes measured in the two minutes are off the scale. This is exactly what critics of smart meters have been reporting. SEE: marylandsmartmeterawareness.org/ and marylandresidentsagainstsmartmeters.org/.../incidents_of_fires and eon3emfblog.net/?p=3687.

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